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You Make My Day!

I received another sweet award. This time from my dear foodie friend George at Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess who surprised me with the You Make My Day award! George, it is you who made my day:)) and I am flattered as much as I am thrilled. Thank you!

I am pleased to pass this award to the following wonderful bloggers I visit often and enjoy. Please take a moment to visit them too! They are all AMAZING!

1. Medena at Cafe Chocolada

2. Susan at Wild Yeast

3. Diva at The Sugar Bar

4. Marie at Proud Italian Cook

5. Nicola at Cherrapeno


Your Comments

  1. Thank you !!!! :) I am so honored! There is nothing better than being recognized by my fellow foodies. I love your blog too, and I am so glad I make your day!
    You just made my day!!!!!! :)

  2. Thats so nice. Don’t you love those kind of surprises?

  3. That was too quick Farida..Glad u liked my Piroshki..Your blog was my inspiration..And btw congrats on ur award!

  4. How fun! This is perfect you & all your tagged friends since all of you work so hard to make each of our days. Job well-done & well-deserved!

    xoxox Amy

  5. Farida, what a nice surprise to get this at the end of the day! I appreciate your comments and the fact that you like to visit my blog
    means so much! I will take this award and display it proudly on my blog!! Thank you! Also much congratulations on your award, obviously fellow bloggers appreciate you, your blog, and your comments.

  6. Congratulations to you! :-)
    Now let’s party! hehe

  7. hey Farida…
    iam visitng ur blog for the first time… Congrats on ur award…. Very nice… … would love to peep in ur blog now and then…. adding u to my blog roll…:)

  8. Hi Farida,
    The award is well deserved. You make my day every time I visit here :)

  9. First: Congratulations on a well-deserved award! You have a lovely and informative blog.

    Second: Thanks for making MY day by passing this on to me. I am honored!

    Third: The very best part of these awards is being introduced to wonderful new (to me) blogs, and your picks are no exception. Thank you!

  10. Thank you so much! I You have just made my day!

  11. Hi, honey, Gloria at posted her recipes & wanted me to let know.

    xoxox Amy