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Eggplant Salad with Yogurt and Mint

As you may already know, I can’t have enough of anything eggplanty. I absolutely love the veggie. It is, perhaps, the most versatile vegetable on earth (eggplant haters, did you hear that?). Really, eggplant can take so many forms in cooking – it can be fried, grilled, stuffed, sweetened (yes, they make sweet  eggplant preserve in Morocco and in Azerbaijan […]


Apple Charlotte (Sharlotka)

Apple Charlotte

I did some change to my blog header. Have you noticed it? I decided to change my blog title from Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook to AZ Cookbook, to perfectly match my domain name. No…Actually, that’s really not the reason why I did that. Those who know me well, know I am my worst critic, sometimes to a maniacal extend (I know […]