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Archive for January 2011

Cynthia’s Guyanese Butter-Flaps

I didn’t have the slightest idea about Caribbean food until one day I came across Cynthia’s renowned blog – Tastes Like Home, where Cynthia writes about Caribbean food and culture, weaving her personal memories into her writing, all this  accompanied with beautiful photographs that Cynthia takes herself. Cynthia and I became instant friends, at the moment virtual ones, with hopes […]


Grated Pie Filled with Fruit Preserves

So I had this grand idea of redesigning my blog a little (nothing major) to start the near year’s blogging afresh, but little did I know that redesigning a blog is not as simple as it sounds to me. Honestly saying, I am not the one redesigning it and it is  M. whom I have forcefully mobilized to undertake what […]