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Archive for February 2012

Azerbaijani Pasta With Meat and Yogurt Topping

Khengel - Azerbaijani Pasta with Meat and Garlicky Yogurt Topping

Pasta is not only made in Italy:) On chilly winter days a few things can be as comforting to Azerbaijanis as gathering around a table to enjoy warm and satisfying pasta dishes, khemir khorekleri (dough dishes), that come in a variety of forms and shapes. Take khengel, for example. Khengel is a versatile category of pasta dishes that branches out into […]


From San Diego with Love


No recipe this time, friends. I’ll be honest – I’ve given myself a short break from cooking up a storm on a daily basis. That break is much needed these days. But it is temporary and food will come back to this blog. This time I want to take you on a trip to one of California’s most beautiful cities, […]