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Golden Rice Crust for under Rice Pilaf

AZ Cookbook | Rice Crust for Under Rice Pilaf

Azerbaijani rice pilafs prepared with the “drain” and “steam” technique are called by the general name – suzme plov, which literally means “drained pilaf.” The name stems directly from how the rice is prepared. Thoroughly washed and presoaked rice is par-boiled in salted water, then drained and heaped in the form of a pyramid oftentimes atop of a gazmag, crust that […]


Pickled Purslane

AZ Cookbook | Pickled Purslane

What else can one do with purslane besides drenching it in a zesty garlicky yogurt sauce for a nice salad? One can pickle it. And then enjoy it and perhaps declare it one of the best things one has ever tasted! I am personally a big fan.  Since the times I was a little girl growing up in Baku and […]