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Shorgoghal – Spice-Filled Flaky Breads

Along with scrumptious multi-layered pakhlava (baklava) and tender nut-filled shekerbura, spice-infused flaky bread shorgoghal (alternative spelling: shor goghali) is another irresistable edible attribute of Novruz. In fact,  the three are a must on a festive goodie-filled tray, khoncha, a centerpiece of Novruz table. For its shape, the golden crust and the yellowish spice filling it encases, shorgoghal is regarded as the symbol of the sun. There can be as many as 9-12 layers of thinly opened dough in the shorghogal. This recipe yields 9 layers, but you can go as high as 12 if you roll your dough into smaller circles. A common wisdom holds that the more layers in the dough, the flakier the baked breads will be. Usually, shorgoghal is enjoyed with  sweetened  black tea, the authentic Azerbaijani way.

Happy Spring, Happy Novruz to all of you!