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Rice Pilaf with Butternut Squash and Beans


“When are you going to change that cookie picture on your blog?” – recently a good friend of mine reproached me nicely.  She is right. I have been away for too long. But my mind has always been here, really. Please bear with me as I disappear and emerge from the abyss of silence from time to time. I am not quitting […]


Turkish White Bean Salad (Fasulye Piyazi)

Piyaz is a classic Turkish white bean salad that appears on our table whenever it becomes blissfully carnivorous, especially when we make grilled meats and meatballs (kababs). It goes great as an accompaniment to meats, but hey, I won’t hold it against you if you decide to enjoy it as it is, in all its glory, as part of your […]


Dried Bean Stew (Mash Shorbasi)

Dried Bean Soup

My ancestors are from the city of Ordubad in Azerbaijan. Even though neither my parents nor my sister and I were born there, we have been influenced by the food of that region immensely with authentic recipes from Ordubad having been passing from generation to generation in our family. The following recipe of a hearty and flavorful stew is one […]