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Flattened Spiced-Herbed Chicken

This recipe appeared on my blog on December 18, but yours truly accidentally deleted it from her dashboard and was never able to retrieve it. Luckily she had a copy on her Azeri-language blog, which she is copy-pasting here, postdate.  All the original comments were gone with the post, so she is also copy-pasting them here manually, one by one, from her email account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Yours truly is disgruntled with her behavior. She says she will be more careful next time. Thank you for understanding.


I spotted this recipe a while ago on this lovely livejournal with plans to use it one day. The lucky day was yesterday. The recipe comes from Stalik, a famous gourmand who spreads his love for cooking Azerbaijani, Uzbeki and other ethnic dishes among the Russian-speaking community of the ex-Soviet republics.