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Light Chocolate Chip Cookies

Light Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was planning on a completely different recipe for today’s post but changed my mind. The culprit is the photo of the freshly baked cookies I boasted about on my instagram account. I was immediately asked for the recipe. And I couldn’t say no. So here it is. The recipe for the chocolate chip cookies I made today for my ever-cookie-hungry kids.

“So, chocolate chip cookies,” you may say. “Heard and seen a hundred times. How is this recipe different from any other chocolate chip cookie recipe out there?”

Well, these cookies are lighter, much lighter than their butter-sugar-chocolate laden cousins (I confess—I don’t mind enjoying them from time to time). Only 4 ounces of butter is used to make 4 dozen cookies. Yet they are so so good—a bit crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside. Just like they should be, chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy!


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