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Sesame Seeds

Soft Spinach Pie (Ispanakli Borek)

Soft Spinach Pie (Borek)

I’ve already posted a spinach borek recipe here, long ago. But this one below is a bit different. The filling is made with spinach but with cooked spinach rather than fresh as in the previous recipe. No cheese is used in the filling here. Also, the pie layers are moistened with yogurt mixture instead of milk, which makes the pie […]


Quick Herbed Cheese Roll-Ups


I’ve  been making these wonderful herbed cheese stuffed roll-ups for a very long time  and they are always a hit in the household. They are quick and easy to make. The dough is leavened with baking powder and not yeast, which means there is no rising required for the dough. But softness? It is still there! And lots of it! […]


Turkish Sesame Ring (Simit)

Turkish Sesame Ring - Simit

If you ask a Turk living away from Turkey to name 5 foods items he or she misses the most, chances one of them will be simit. M. would also add cheese and tea to go with it. Simit is a popular street food – a crispy and chewy twisted ring studded with sesame seeds all over. It is sold […]