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Happy New Year!


Photo courtesy:  My friend Rovshana Samadova. Taken in Washington D.C. Rovshana didn’t know it would end up on my blog, but as an avid hunter for anything pomegranate I spotted it in her photo archives and bugged her –  she was kind to let me use it. Love the pomegranates! Thank you, Rovshana! ****** Another year is almost gone, so […]


AZ Cookbook in AZ Magazine – With Steve Hollier

Photo by Steve Hollier

Photo by Steve Hollier: Absheron National Park. A couple of months ago I received an email from Steve Hollier, new editor of AZ Magazine in Baku. He was asking if I would like to run my own food column in the magazine. I who always thinks I can handle more than I really can, didn’t think much before saying Yes. […]


Flying High


Photo from here. Soon after this post goes public, I will be be boarding a plane to fly to our first destination, Turkiye. I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends both there and in Azerbaijan. I am not sure how soon I will gain access to the Internet when there, so please forgive me if I am speechless for […]


Happy Novruz!

Happy Novruz! Happy Spring, everyone! Wishing you peace, health, prosperity and wonderful new beginnings!


HAITI Needs Your HELP!

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Dear friends! At this time of a devastating tragedy that struck Haiti, let’s lend our helping hand to those affected. There are numerous organizations that accept donations. Remember that no donation is too big or too small. Every penny counts. Here  are some places you can donate. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU! Red Cross UNICEF Save the Children Doctors Without Borders […]


On The Move Again…

Not me, my blog is. I am in the process of moving my blog from to to complicate my life and to add more to my already overloaded workload. I was first on blogspot, then moved to and now I decided to move again. I think it will take me a while to finally launch my new […]


Yellow for Bri

YELLOW NARCISSUS IN THE MORNING DEW Picture taken by yours truly in our backyard. Narcissus is my favorite flower. White or yellow, it is so fragile, so beautiful and it smells beautiful too. I took this picture way back in February early in the morning when the drops of dew were still fresh and shining on the flower. I rushed […]


Look What I Made!


Meltem (almost 5) making her own cupcakes from her Cupcake Book. She inspired the name for my tag. Recently I’ve been noticing more and more tags going around the blogosphere and I thought it would be cool to create one of my own. Anna at Anna’s Kitchen Table, who created this wonderful tag called Top Ten Pics inspired me. I […]


You Make My Day!


I received another sweet award. This time from my dear foodie friend George at Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess who surprised me with the You Make My Day award! George, it is you who made my day:)) and I am flattered as much as I am thrilled. Thank you! I am pleased to pass this award to the following […]


Top 10 Pictures


I’ve been tagged again. How fun! My wonderful foodie friend Vi from Flowers In The Kitchen tagged me. Thank you, VI! This is a new tag started by Anna at Anna’s Kitchen Table. Here’s a quote from Anna: “Right guys, listen up….I’m starting a tag. It’s called ‘Top 10 food pics’. Here are mine, all my favourites. I’m tagging 6 […]


And The Winner Is…


The contest is over. Looks like my daughter generated more interest than ice cream:)) Thank you for your nice words about her! Hmm, maybe it’s my fault – I shouldn’t have posted her picture:) She receives enough compliments from people wherever we go as it is:) When I told her that people who read my blog say you are cute […]


My First AWARDS – Thank You!


I am humbled and excited and happy! I received several awards within a week. I feel honored to have been selected among so many wonderful blogs out there considering I’ve only been blogging for a little less than 4 months. These lovely bloggers awarded me with the E award for Excellence. THANK YOU! Marija at Palachinka – She was the […]


How to Stop Screaming? Win ICE CREAM!


This is my daughter Meltem happily unpacking the ice cream:) Head cropped off, bad bad mom. Yesterday a UPS truck drove up to our house and a friendly driver handed us quite a heavy box which contained… you guessed it, ICE CREAM! Ice cream that I won for the best Ask Erin Question. A gift from the most friendly Erin […]


I Won Ice Cream + My 6 Word Memoir


Yesterday was no ordinary day. I won a contest. And the gift I am receiving is no ordinary either. I won ice cream! My foodie collegue, the most inspiring, creative and fun Erin at Erin Cooks held this contest for the best Ask Erin question. She posted the names of the three winners she picked, and I was thrilled to […]


Two Times Tart – A Trans-Cultural Culinary Exploration


Last month I received an email from Julie Upmeyer in Istanbul who was asking whether I would like to contribute a tart filling recipe for her project called Two Times Tart. The project was a trans-cultural culinary exploration of tastes and geographies, created from the contributions of 9 individuals from Turkey, and its eight neighboring countries -Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Syria, Georgia, […]


Spring is in the Air!

Tree in Bloom

Spring is coming. With its colors, liveliness and freshness. Where I live we’ve been seeing trees blooming and hearing birds chirping for quite some time already. I took a picture of our neighbor’s beautiful tree in full bloom (our apricot tree is lazy, it’s just starting to bloom, slowly) a couple of days ago, during my morning stroll with the […]


It’s Official Now!

AZ Cookbook | It’s Official Now! | Welcome to my kitchen, friends!

Today is January 23, 2008 and my long ago conceived idea to have my own food blog has finally turned into reality and I am officially ready to welcome you here! Ok, here we go… Welcome to my kitchen, friends! If you love to try something new, authentic, different, flavorful and nutritious, you are in the right place. This blog […]