HAITI Needs Your HELP!

HAITI Needs Your HELP!

Dear friends! At this time of a devastating tragedy that struck Haiti, let’s lend our helping hand to those affected. There are numerous organizations that accept donations. Remember that no donation is too big or too small. Every penny counts. Here  are some places you can donate. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU!


On The Move Again…


Not me, my blog is. I am in the process of moving my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org to complicate my life and to add more to my already overloaded workload. I was first on blogspot, then moved to wordpress.com and now I decided to move again.

I think it will take me a while to finally launch my new blog so please do not forget me and come back when the site is ready. I hope the transition is smooth and not very scary. Any suggestions and idea as to how to make it easier and less stressful please email me:)

Also, I haven’t been checking your blogs as often as I would love to, so please forgive me. I promise to catch up with your yummicious creations when I am back!

In the meantime, wish me good luck!

Ah, allmost forgot. What does a squirrel have to do with my blog? Honestly, not much. But at least the picture is somewhat food related:) The squirrel is eating the food meant for the birdies and looks like he is enjoying it a lot. Picture taken in January in our backyard. Enjoy!


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