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  • Links to Reads: August 2014
    September 8, 2014
    Links to Reads: August 2014
    Market scene in Istanbul, Turkey Goodbye, August and hello, September! I loved August.  I may be biased. Because my cookbook got printed that month (yay!). I spent 2 last weeks of August in Istanbul (I am now back in Long Beach). Between the time I spent in the printing house in Istanbul and the time I had a chance to see around, I managed […]...
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  • My Cookbook is Here!
    August 28, 2014
    My Cookbook is Here!
    Here it is! My cookbook! Finally!  I am over the moon happy. The book looks absolutely beautiful inside and out, modesty aside. The experience of seeing your own book “being born” was amazing! The printing house did a great job with every step of the process. Here’s the link to my cookbook. You can still pre-order it. It will soon be […]...
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  • Soon, Very Soon!
    August 13, 2014
    Soon, Very Soon!
    Samples pages from “Pomegranates and Saffron” Soon, very soon, I will be flying to Istanbul to  get real close to my dream come true—to seeing my book actually come off the print! So very excited! So, I will spend about 10 day in the printing house, working  on color proofs and other printing-related things, then watching the printing team actually send the book...
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  • Links to Reads: July 2014
    August 4, 2014
    Links to Reads: July 2014
    Goodbye, July and hello, August! That was fast again. In July I read quite a few interesting articles and it’s now time to share the best with you. Enjoy! * Raw milk. Pros and Cons.  * Are organic vegetables more nutritious after all? Dan Charles explores the topic. * Camu camu. Anyone knows what it is? * Meet a cooking prodigy and a chef who is...
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  • Some Exciting Cookbook News – Part II
    July 28, 2014
    Some Exciting Cookbook News - Part II
    Great news for friends of AZ Cookbook in Azerbaijan! - You can now pre-order my cookbook, Pomegranates and Saffron, online, without paying any shipping fees!  Once the book is out, you can pick up your copy from a designated place (to be determined later) in Baku. In this case, you will only pay the special pre-order price of $35 (regular price $38)...
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  • Some Exciting Cookbook News + A Sneak Peek
    July 22, 2014
    Some Exciting Cookbook News + A Sneak Peek
    A sneak peek at the Contents page for one of the recipe categories in “Pomegranates and Saffron” – Savory Breads, Pies, and Pastries. Lots of delicious recipes in there! Annnd the news! Dear friends of AZ Cookbook in Turkey! You asked – “Will your cookbook be distributed in Turkey, too?”,  “Where in Turkey can we buy your cookbook since the shipping from...
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  • So, What’s in the Book – Part II
    July 13, 2014
    So, What's in the Book  - Part II
    A glimpse at the pages from the chapter about hospitality and food. Hello, guys. Excuse my absence but I haven’t forgotten you. Been busy with things book related and all have been very exciting so far! The pre-orders keep pouring in and I cannot thank you enough for that! Thank you for the support of the work I’ve put my...
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  • Links to Reads: June 2014
    July 1, 2014
    Links to Reads: June 2014
    Goodbye, June and hello, July! Every time I say goodbye to a month, I go back to my calendar and check if what I said was true. How and when did we arrive to a new month? And every time I realize that time does not go by, it just flies! Time for another Links to Reads! Here are some of the articles I...
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  • Cheese-Stuffed Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers
    June 22, 2014
    Cheese-Stuffed Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers
    I made these stuffed peppers yesterday for our guests, but forgot to put them on the table during the meal. Then I remembered and I brought them out along with the desserts. Then, as we were finishing with the desserts, I remembered that I had baklava, too and that I had forgotten to put it on the table. Something is going on with...
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  • So, What’s in the Book?
    June 15, 2014
    So, What's in the Book?
    Pictured: Rice Pilaf with Sour Cherries and Golden Crust (recipe in “Pomegranates and Saffron”) Friends, thank you so much for showing such great support to my cookbook! Your pre-orders keep coming! I’ve received quite a few emails from some of you, asking about the contents of the book and the type of recipes included in it. Below is the CONTENTS page...
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  • Links to Reads: May 2014
    June 5, 2014
    Links to Reads: May 2014
    Good bye, May and hello, June! Time for another Links to Reads! Here are some of the articles I read in May. Enjoy! * “So, what the hell are capers, anyway?“  Alison Spiegel of Huffington Posts asks and explains. * Imagine eating grasshopper burgers for a second. Yuck or not? Apparently it is good. * Move over chickens! Ducks are coming! And I was...
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  • My Cookbook is Ready to Pre-Order!
    May 29, 2014
    Pomegranates And Saffron Book Cover
    Yes, yes, and yes! Finally!  My book – Pomegranates and Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan – is NOW ready to PRE-ORDER! I am a bit too excited to put my thoughts into words. But I’ll try. This  book is a result of over 6 years of work. Perhaps the most difficult job I’ve undertaken so far (besides raising two kids)! But...
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  • Easy (Eggless) Strawberry Ice Cream
    May 19, 2014
    Easy (Eggless) Strawberry Ice Cream
    Summer is already here in Long Beach! Last week was particularly hot. Hot days call for what? Right. Ice cream! So on one hot day last week I made ice cream. I discovered heavy cream in the refrigerator,  screaming to be used, which made me suddenly remember about the recipe I had for easy ice cream. Easy. Eggless. Strawberry-full. Creamy....
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  • Soft Spinach Pie (Ispanakli Borek)
    May 9, 2014
    Soft Spinach Pie (Ispanakli Borek)
    I’ve already posted a spinach borek recipe here, long ago. But this one below is a bit different. The filling is made with spinach but with cooked spinach rather than fresh as in the previous recipe. No cheese is used in the filling here. Also, the pie layers are moistened with yogurt mixture instead of milk, which makes the pie...
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  • Links to Reads: April 2014
    April 30, 2014
    Links to Reads: April 2014
    Hello, guys! Can you believe it’s the end of April already? Where did the time fly? Good bye, April and hello, May! Time for another Links to Reads! Here are some of the articles I’ve read this month.  Enjoy! * Why bitter is better. Dr. Andrew Weil explains the benefits of bitter foods to your health. * Buying and storing...
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  • Tea Party Tablescape + Some Exciting News!
    April 24, 2014
    Tea Party Tablescape + Some Exciting News!
    Time for another tablescape! Spring-themed. Pretty. Bright. Happy. What can it be? A tea party in the backyard! Yes! Yes! A few days ago my friend Viktoria and I decided to throw ourselves a cute little friendship tea party. Plus, it was a great opportunity to prepare another tablescape feature for the blog. So, we armed ourselves with tea sets,...
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  • Tea Giveaway – Bella Rosa! – WINNERS Announced
    April 17, 2014
    Tea Giveaway  - Bella Rosa! - WINNERS Announced
    AZ Cookbook and Tea Amore are doing this again! Hello, giveaway! Some of you won the previous giveaway and had a chance to sample Tea Amore’s amazing teas. Now we’d  like to give another chance to those of you who did not win, to those of you who won and would like to win again, and to those of you...
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  • Baba Ghanoush – Step by Step to Great Results
    April 14, 2014
    Baba Ghanoush – Step by Step to Great Results
    What can I say about Baba Ghanoush? I love it. Love it. Love it some more. To me, it is one of the best eggplant appetizers that have been known to the world. Maybe I am biased, because I am an eggplant lover. But I seriously do not know anyone who doesn’t like this delicious Middle Eastern dip. It is made...
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  • Some Pinteresting News!
    April 9, 2014
    Some Pinteresting News!
    The day has come! After some research into the previously-mysterious-to-me Pinterestland, I finally joined it. So, AZ Cookbook is now on Pinterest! I am still exploring this social media phenomenon and there is a lot to learn, but so far I have been loving it. Would be super happy to see you follow my page, pin photos from my...
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  • Turkish “Split-Belly” Stuffed Eggplant
    April 2, 2014
    Turkish "Split-Belly" Stuffed Eggplant
    My love for eggplant! It is a never-ending love affair. I even have a childhood “trauma” associated with it. I remember that day clearly, now after so many years. I was probably about 7 or 8, or maybe even a little older. This happened back in Baku.  My mom made stuffed eggplant dish for dinner. We were sitting around the...
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  • Links to Reads: March 2014
    March 27, 2014
    Links to Reads: March 2014
    Figs of Absheron Hello, guys! I am very happy to announce a brand new monthly feature on my blog. Please welcome Links to Reads. At the end of every month, I will be sharing with you links to interesting articles that I’d read that particular month. I spend quite some time reading online, so I thought, why not share some good...
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  • Happy Spring! Happy Novruz!
    March 19, 2014
    Happy Spring! Happy Novruz!
    Spring is here, and so is Novruz. We made 5 plates of semeni (wheat berry sprouts, symbolizing spring) this year and they all grew tall and lush! The biggest one, which you see in the picture above, became the centerpiece of our holiday table, featuring sweet and savory holiday bakes, nuts and dried fruits. I love this holiday. It’s warm,...
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  • Blueberry-Oatmeal Crunch Bars
    March 13, 2014
    Blueberry-Oatmeal Crunch Bars
    Year 2002. We are in Los Angeles, just moved here, newly married. One day our family friend Jim Porter walks into our apartment holding a plate with something looking absolutely delicious. Jim made oatmeal bars for us! The bars were so good. Soft, full of oats, with luscious preserves spread in-between. I loved the bars so much that I asked...
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  • Spring is Here with a Giveaway – Organic Tea! WINNERS Announced!
    March 4, 2014
    Spring is Here with a Giveaway - Organic Tea! WINNERS Announced!
    Spring is in the air! And a spring themed giveaway is on AZ Cookbok! I am announcing a super awesome giveaway to celebrate this beautiful time of the year with you and also to thank you for supporting my blog throughout many seasons, spring or winter:) As of recently I’ve become a fan of teas of all sorts. My love...
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  • French Citrus Cake
    February 26, 2014
    French Citrus Cake
    I spotted this recipe in a cookbook during our recent trip to the local library. Shamelessly disregarding a myriad of wonderful French recipes offered with the author’s own twist, my eyes fell on a citrus cake recipe. It was for quatre-quarts, which is French pound cake. I imagined the cake’s aroma. Lemon and orange together. Oh my! The book got...
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