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Giveaway from The Lovely Stains  (Winners Announced)

The Lovely Stains - Card Giveaway

I have great news to share! My uber talented friend Ann just opened her own store on Etsy! It is called The Lovely Stains!

What Ann is doing is beautiful and unique. She creates cards, painting on them with red wine! Red wine! Never seen cards painted with red wine. Have you? She also uses water colors on some cards. Ann’s designs are beautiful – birds, flowers, trees, envelopes, boxes – everything Ann creates is so refined, clean, and speaks of Ann’s characteristic sense of style which I love! I am the lucky owner of some of Anna’s cards and I absolutely adore them. They are great for any occasions, and Ann has some that are holiday related as well.

Quess what? Ann is willing to give away some of her gorgeous cards to AZ Cookbook readers!

Two lucky winners will receive a set of 2 cards (one holiday card and one wine-painted card) that come with envelopes + a surprise gift (she won’t even reveal what is is to me – I am curious!) as an added bonus!

Winners have to be in US. But no worries, whether you are in US or elsewhere, Ann is generous to everybody  – she is giving out a promo code that you can use towards a 10% discount on any purchase on her store! Simply enter  the promotion code “AZCookBook” at checkout to receive 10% off any order you place. No Etsy account? No worries. Email Ann and she will help you: thelovelystains  at gmail dot com.

So, all in all – everyone will be happy. The Lovely Stains Rocks!

Back to today’s giveaway.  Please leave a comment on this post now until Wednesday, December 7, 11 PM Pacific Standard Time.  In your comment please tell us what your New Year’s resolution is and how you are going to stick with it – let’s inspire each other!

Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified on Thursday, December 8.

Scroll down to see some of Ann’s creations. Aren’t they lovely?

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year series:)


Lovely for just about any occasion.

From the wine-painted collection.

Wine-painted. I love those clean lines and pretty birds!

Beautiful clean design – inside and out.

Another beautiful batch of wine-painted cards.

Hello, Christmas tree!

So pretty!

Wine and water colors – they work wonders together.

Happy Holidays!

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