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How to Make Saffron Water

Saffron (in Azeri: Zeferan) is widely used in Azerbaijani cuisine to add flavor and color to the food. When buying saffron, go for threads instead of powder, as they stay fresh and aromatic longer than the powder. Saffron water is usually added to rice pilaffs, some meat dishes, soups and sweets. Here’s how you treat this rare spice before it is added to your dish. Note that the amount of saffron and water differs from recipe to recipe, so refer to your recipe for the specifics. This is just a basic guideline. Only 2 steps to follow!

1. Grind saffron threads into powder using a mortar and pestle.

2. Dissolve in hot water, allow to rest for at least 5 minutes and use as directed in the recipe.

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