Links to Reads: March 2014

Links to Reads: March 2014

Figs of Absheron

Hello, guys! I am very happy to announce a brand new monthly feature on my blog. Please welcome Links to Reads. At the end of every month, I will be sharing with you links to interesting articles that I’d read that particular month. I spend quite some time reading online, so I thought, why not share some good finds with you? Things like food and travel trends, recipes, fun stuff, and more. Here’s the first feature.  I enjoyed compiling this list. Hope you enjoy reading.

* Skinny or Fat? Russ Parsons solves the asparagus divide and dispels some myths.

* Social media users push the food industry to do better. Don’t take them lightly.

* Ever wonder what quinoa really is? Find out in this article by Escoffier Culinary Academy.

* Speaking of quinoa—a wealth of recipes to try here!

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Happy Spring! Happy Novruz!

Happy Spring! Happy Novruz!

Sprouted Wheat, Semeni, for Novruz

Spring is here, and so is Novruz. We made 5 plates of semeni (wheat berry sprouts, symbolizing spring) this year and they all grew tall and lush! The biggest one, which you see in the picture above, became the centerpiece of our holiday table, featuring sweet and savory holiday bakes, nuts and dried fruits.

I love this holiday. It’s warm, positive, and joyous. And on this holiday, my friends, I wish you many beautiful new beginning in your lives. Happy spring and happy Novruz!

Spring Holiday - Novruz

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